Published: 5 Июня 2017

Lots of users want to know more details about Elephone S7, today we got a comparison videobetween Elephone S7 and Samsung S7.

Unlike other devices, Elephone S7 uses the latest IMF process, which contains 15 complicated and superb craftsmanship. Turn around Elephone S7 gently, you should notice the fascinating lumia lines on the back.

The whole lumia pours down directly, making your visual experience to the maximum, and obviously is more dazzling than Samsung S7.

Rumor has it that the back cover is a piece of heartfelt art that Elephone try to dedicate to global users , which will also label elephone as stunning back cover besides its high configuration .
When will it be available for pre-sale ? Let's wait for official news from Elephone.